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James Gossan

Adventure Co-Ordinator

Sincere | Adventurous | Motivated

Mini Bio

Born and raised in the beautiful county of Cornwall, I naturally started leaning towards an outdoor lifestyle. From a young age, I enjoyed sports – sea and surf kayaking in particular – and cycling was just a way to get around. Family holidays to Scotland started my love of the mountains while representing England in Surf Kayaking developed an enjoyment of visiting and exploring new countries. I have travelled extensively, including working for three and a half years in New Zealand. The pandemic brought me back to the UK and to the Lake District, which is now home.

Favourite Place to Play

You can’t beat the southern coastline of Cornwall for beautiful beaches to surf and relax on. The south coast offers unending clifftop walks full of history and amazing views. The local fells and valleys of the Lake District, mainly the Coniston range and the Langdale valleys, is my go-to for a weekend of hiking and gravel rides.

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