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Karl Thurlow

Cheerful | Mindful | Playful :-)

Mini Bio

I first moved to England at the ripe age of 2 and a bit years. Growing up in the south gave the opportunity to explore the myriad of places on offer, the south coast beaches being a fond memory of mine as it always meant a trip to see my grandparents at the same time!

Now based north of the border with my own family, I still like to get back to my roots, much to my parents’ delight! Whether it’s a big city fix or seeking out that next outdoor adventure there is so much on offer.

Place to play

The Jurassic Coast is perhaps one of my favourite escapes having spent many a summer there as a kid, with its beautiful beaches and rugged coastline. However, the Lakes satisfy the draw of the mountains when little altitude and expansive landscapes are required!

Not a lot of people know this

I have spent many an hour under the water as a Divemaster in Asia and Australia, guiding Scuba diving clients in the aquatic world….now, the colder climes of the UK waters don’t appeal so much.


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