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Nicky Williams

Adventure Consultant

Enthusiastic | Fun Loving | Determined

Mini Bio

Growing up in West Lancashire, I spent much of my childhood exploring the local countryside, canal paths and beaches.

My happiest place was a farm near Aberystwyth in Wales. My family would go there every summer holiday – and many weekends in between – in our touring caravan. My sisters and I spent idyllic days riding the farm’s ponies, looking after pet lambs, swimming in the river, and generally living our best lives.

When I was 14, we flew to Western Canada to visit family. That was the start of my lifelong love affair with all things travel. I got my first job as a trainee travel agent when I was 17 and, although I have changed employers, I have always remained in that role. It was meant to be.

Favourite Place to Play

A few years ago, a good friend suggested that we go to High Dam for a walk. I’d never heard of it but, always keen to explore somewhere new, I jumped at the chance. The pure beauty and serenity of the place bowled me over.

Since that day, whenever I want to escape for a while and reflect on how life’s going, I head straight up there. With my coffee, swimming costume and obligatory chocolate biscuits, I can enjoy a bit of soul nourishment.

Not a lot of people know this

……And I didn’t until I recently did a bit of a count up – I’ve been to 40 countries!

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