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Sam Thompson

Knowledgeable | Passionate | Nomadic

Mini Bio

As a child my grandparents had a caravan in Kippford which we holidayed to every year. This was where I fell in love with the outdoors, and camping out under the stars.

Nowadays I’m an adventurer and nomad exploring the UK sometimes moving on 2 wheels, foot or in a boat.

When I’m not out exploring, I can be found in my overalls. As a mechanic, fabricator and joiner there aren’t many things I won’t try to repair.

Places to play

West coast is the best coast. It was the part of Scotland that stole my heart first and convinced me to leave a life in the corporate world for other possibilities. From there my adventures have taken me all over the UK and beyond!

Not a lot of people know this

I’ve a maths degree as well as a bus & truck license. Probably a rare combination.

Experience Read More

I’ve led groups all across Scotland, on the waves or on land. Recently my focus has been the North Coast and the Outer Hebrides, but I’ve travelled all across the UK to take in the best that the outdoors has to offer.

Biggest Adventure Read More

My biggest adventure will always be the little woodland excursions I took as a kid near my grandparents’ caravan, something about them just always sticks in my head! Since then I’ve had many expeditions but nothing quite comes close to that.

Adventurer's Stories about Sam

Struan did a great job but the trip description supplied was a bit wrong - he sorted it out clearly and told us what was happening. He was very impressive all round - a promising young man.

Beth McKillop
Self Guided+ Cycling - The Outer Hebrides
Reviewed on 07/05/2023

Struan - fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! And he was a last-minute stand-in for Sam who was unwell. We couldn't have anyone better. Thank you Struan!

Andy McKillop
Self Guided+ Cycling - The Outer Hebrides
Reviewed on 06/05/2023

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