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Lucy Noble

Lucy Noble

caring | friendly | energetic | modest…..woolly hats

Mini Bio

It’s great to get to know all the individuals In the group, I like to try and understand what makes each group member tick and what’s going to make it a great trip for them. Having the opportunity to get to meet so many interesting people and hear about their adventures and stories always fascinates me.

Place to Play

My favourite trips are those that involve journeying in the wilder places, somewhere to get away from all the hustle and bustle; mind you it’s great to stop for tea and cake when the opportunity arises.

Not a lot of people know this

I have a passion for basking sharks, they are such amazing creatures, so graceful, so majestic, any trip where there is a chance to see them always excites me, we saw seven in one day on a trip around Arisaig last year, what a day… The sea eagle, otters, gannets and seals never got a look in…

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