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Walking Tours England

Our walking holidays in England give you the freedom to explore the beauty of the English countryside on foot. From Northumberland to the Lake District or all the way along Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, discover the magic of England’s lush green hills and rugged uplands.

Whichever holiday you decide to take, you can expect to experience a variety of walks and hikes that will take you to the most beautiful places in England.

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Take your next walking tour with Wilderness England

From the team behind Wilderness Scotland, join Wilderness England on one of our exciting walking trips across the beautiful mountains, moors, lakes and countryside of England. These small-group walking tours combine lush hilltops, rugged moors, coastal landscapes, ancient history and fascinating monuments as well as cheerful English village hospitality. 

We base all our walking holidays in small hotels, guesthouses or cosy B&Bs. A combination of hill walks, coastal walks and valley hikes are available across the tours. Our grading system allows you to choose a holiday to match your fitness.

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Quality Assured

To ensure a high level of comfort, we personally select the accommodation you’ll stay in on your trip. Expect 3-4 star accommodation chosen for its location, charm, amenities and great service.

Each of your walks will be led by one of our knowledgeable and friendly guides. Our guides will not only look after your safety and comfort but also interpret the landscape, relate local history, myths and legends, and point out interesting monuments and flora and fauna along the way.

Our group tours are ideal for single or solo travellers as you get the chance to join like-minded people. Do also note that it’s possible to book any of our holidays on a private basis, for only your group of closest friends and family.

Explore a variety of exhilarating routes during a wonderful walking adventure. You’ll discover the country’s most stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, quintessential villages and rich history.

Trip Grading Explained Read More
Green Graded: Difficulty 1-3

Green graded walking holidays are suitable for active travellers who are reasonably fit and enjoy moderate hikes. We walk at a comfortable pace and you can expect to be out for 5-6 hours a day. The terrain will be mostly good paths and hill trails but these can still be muddy and rough in places. Some hikes may involve an ascent up to a max of approx 1,500 feet / 450m. Distances will be typically 8-10km. Daily hike details are available in the itinerary.

Blue Graded: Difficulty 4-6

Blue graded walking holidays are suitable for fit and experienced hikers. We walk at a good pace and you can expect to be out for 6-8 hours a day. You will not always be on a path and the terrain underfoot can be rough and boggy, including boulder fields and mountain tops. Some of the daily walks will involve a mountain ascent of over 3000ft / 900m high. Daily distances will be typically up to 16km but may be longer occasionally. Daily hike details are available in the itinerary.

Red Graded: Difficulty 7-9

Red graded walking holidays are suitable for fit and experienced hikers used to more challenging routes and rough terrain. The terrain will be varied but include rough hill tracks, boggy ground, boulder fields and mountain tops. There may be ridge walks or short non-technical scrambling so a good head for heights is useful. Daily distances will be 15 – 20km a day and often include an ascent of a major peak up to 3000ft / 900m high. Daily hikes are available in the itinerary.

Guided and Self Guided Tours Read More

Booking a guided walking holiday with Wilderness England means booking a trip with experienced, knowledgeable and passionate local guides. Our guides don’t just simply take you from A to B. They are ambassadors for England who take joy in sharing their in-depth knowledge of the nature, geology, history, mythology and culture of the country, truly immersing you in your surroundings.

On each of your guided hikes, your guide will bring the landscape to life by with tales of local stories, myths and legends, and their great knowledge of the region’s flora and fauna will help you connect to England’s natural landscapes.

Guided Walking Holidays


Self Guided

On a Wilderness England self guided tour you and your private group might be walking on your own but you’ve got the support of 24-hour assistance from our office team. You will also have access to detailed route notes, maps and luggage transfers that we will arrange in advance for you.

Self guided walking holidays allow you to take in the wonderful English landscapes, where you can hike at your own pace and enjoy the freedom to explore sites of interest to you along the way.

Self Guided Walking Holidays

Our Locations Read More

Guided and self-guided walking tours are available in the following locations:

Our Guided Walking Holidays

6 Wilderness Walking Trips

  • Hike along the beautiful and rugged coastline, enjoying spectacular views.
  • Spend time exploring sandy beaches, rocky inlets and hidden coves.
  • Visit pretty coastal villages, each unique in character, history and charm.
  • Hike up the stony beauty of England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, and enjoy spectacular panoramic views.
  • Enjoy the company and expertise of a Wilderness guide, learning about the history and stories of this beautiful region.
  • Stay in a charming, private guesthouse which has been welcoming visitors for over 100 years.
  • Hike through the beautiful, pastoral landscape visiting old churches, haunted ruins and interesting historical sites.
  • Explore the pretty oolitic limestone villages, full of classic Cotswold architecture and quintessential English charm.
  • Stay in traditional local inns, enjoying excellent cuisine and welcoming hospitality.
  • Enjoy some of the finest hiking in Northern England with an expert guide.
  • Learn the fascinating history of the area from Medieval Britain to the Romantic poets of Wordsworth and Coleridge.
  • Walk through changing scenery from dramatic fells of the Lakes to the rolling green hills of the Dales.
  • Stay in a mix of traditional accommodation and enjoy fresh produce including a traditional cream tea.
  • Enjoy some of the finest hiking in Britain on this tour of National Parks in Scotland and England.
  • Discover the amazing contrast of landscapes from the majestic mountains of the Highlands to the rolling Dales of Yorkshire.
  • Try the various Scottish and English delicacies such as whisky in the Highlands, cream tea in Yorkshire and Kendal Mint Cake in the Lakes.
  • Enjoy some of the finest hiking in Northern England with an expert guide.
  • Discover the fabulous contrast from the Northumberland coastline to the rolling green hills and valleys of the Lake District.
  • Step into history as you visit ancient settlements and unique castles.
  • Walk over the tidal causeway to explore the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne.

Self Guided Walking Trips

Our holidays reviewed in your own words...


Every client receives a feedback survey when they return from their guided, self guided or tailor made holiday with us. Once completed the review is published on our website just as soon as our database updates. The little touches and details are important to us and where issues are raised we make positive changes to our trips to improve your experience.

That’s why we read each of our client’s reviews and although we don’t respond to all of them, if it’s glowing feedback then we get the satisfaction of helping to make your holidays truly memorable.


Jayn Golsby

Wilderness Walking - The Coast of Cornwall

Age: 60 - 70
Country: Canada
Trip Date: 06/05/2023
Trips Taken: 1

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

I highly recommend taking a hiking trip with Wilderness England. TEAM WILDERNESS RESPONSE: Sounds like a wonderful trip. We can't wait to welcome you back in the future.


Andy Zeltkalns

Wilderness Walking - The Coast of Cornwall

Age: 60 - 70
Country: Canada
Trip Date: 06/05/2023
Trips Taken: 1

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Our hiking trip to Cornwall was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Wilderness England as an organization that provides an excellent hiking adventure.


Jane Plant

Wilderness Walking - The Knoydart Peninsula

Age: 70 - 80
Country: United States
Trip Date: 13/05/2023
Trips Taken: 1

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

For US visitors, Northern Scotland is like no other place. We are looking forward very much to coming back

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