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England is home to beautifully diverse landscapes perfect for coast to coast journeys or combining a few of England’s stunning regions.

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Journey Across Regions

Many of our trips journey from point to point, visiting more than one region of England or even combining countries.

For those who are looking for a longer trip or want to explore more parts of England and beyond, these multi-location trips are perfect. Equally, if you enjoy the satisfaction of completing a human-powered journey from point to point or love ticking off multiple places, take a look at these exciting combination trips.

England has so many amazing places to explore. In the north, explore the wildly enchanting moors of Northumberland, the splendid picture-perfect landscapes of the Lake District and the raw beauty of Yorkshire. In the country’s centre, the Peak District is home to some of the prettiest upland scenes. Further south, the Cotswolds combine timeless villages with unspoilt landscapes, and the country of Wales offers a combination of wild places and local pride and tradition.

Take a look below at one of our multi-location trips in England, or perhaps a multi-location trip with our sister brands Wilderness Scotland and Wilderness Ireland.

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