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Launched in 2010, the Wilderness Conservation & Community Fund (WCCF) is an initiative which allows our travellers to give back to those environments and communities which are at the heart of our adventurous experiences in wild places.

Each holiday includes a small optional contribution (less than 1% of the trip price) to the WCCF. 100% of all traveller contributions received go to supporting a wide range of conservation and community projects throughout the destinations we feature and visit.

Wilderness England absorbs all of the administration costs of the fund and the projects, meaning the contributions deliver maximum impact. In addition, the Wilderness staff team dedicates 500+ hours of volunteering time per annum to those projects supported as part of our “Big 100” volunteering programme.

Our Key Projects

The John Muir Trust

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Our most recent project work with the John Muir Trust has been in Scotland but as their reach continues to expand into England then we anticipate our Wilderness Conservation & Community Fund being able to support future work in the Lake District.

This future work includes the management of 1,000 hectares of common land which includes the summit of the iconic mountain of Helvellyn.

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Our Key Projects

JCR - Equality in Sport

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While the profile of women’s sports has made significant steps forward in recent times, progress is still slow, and we are a long way from equality of opportunity, participation and recognition. This is particularly the case in cycling, where males dominate in all levels of the sport from leisure participation to competition. This community project seeks to address the imbalance by providing support to the JRC – Equality in Sport women’s cycling initiative with three key objectives:

  • To help promote the continued development of equality in sport, specifically in women’s cycling.
  • To encourage more women, especially younger women, to participate in cycling.
  • To help address the prolific dropout rates among teenage girls in sports.

For more about the JRC team and their mission

Our Key Projects

The Big 100

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The objective of the Big 100 is simple – The Wilderness Office Team will dedicate 100 days to volunteering each year.

This commitment involves each member of the Wilderness Team contributing two days of voluntary service to take place during work time.

There are no restrictions on the type of volunteering, and recent work has taken the team in some interesting and rewarding directions both close to home and further afield. Past volunteering efforts include:

  • Native reforestation work with the RSPB
  • Training and development for tourism businesses
  • Sector representation in the industry


Learn more about Wilderness England’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

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