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Famous for its picture perfect landscapes, cultural heritage and friendly people, Yorkshire is a place of idyllic villages and open spaces.

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The Wild Beauty of Yorkshire

Located in the northern stretches of England, Yorkshire is a landscape of stunning natural beauty. Home to quaint villages, wild moors and dramatic hills, there is no better place to explore the magic of the rural English countryside. From Robin Hood to the Brönte sisters, this storied landscape is steeped in history, literature, myth and legend.

Today what we call “Yorkshire” comprises several counties in northern England. The region is known for its picture-perfect landscapes, quaint villages and friendly people. With a proud literary heritage, Yorkshire is a place of great moors made famous by the Brönte sisters and Agatha Christie, who famously disappeared from a Yorkshire town for ten days in 1926.

Yorkshire is the ultimate English destination for outdoor enthusiasts and an adventure holiday. On a Wilderness England trip, expect to get off the beaten track, exploring the expansive countryside and fresh air of Yorkshire. In this ancient land, you might find anything from prehistoric monuments to Roman ruins, towering medieval wonders, dry-stone walls or remnants of its mining and industrial past.

Hike through the magic of the Yorkshire Dales, one of the most picturesque regions of England. Age-old Dales (valleys) have been carved out of the landscape, leaving lovely valleys woven by glistening rivers and dotted with stone walls, traditional barns, and flocks of sheep. Peaceful and wild, Yorkshire is an area where very little has changed over the years. Alternatively, if you choose to cycle here, you’ll follow in the wake of legends – this region has recently hosted both the Tour de France and World Cycling Championships.

For at least 10,000 years, Yorkshire’s timeless landscapes have been home to industrious and hardy people. In fact, north Yorkshire is where we find Star Carr. This is England’s most important Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) archaeological site. It is here at Star Carr that archaeologists have uncovered the oldest known house in Britain, along with early evidence of carpentry and tools.

On the region’s network of trails, discover quaint hay meadows dotted with sheep and wildflowers, fascinating geology, and postcard-perfect villages set on stunning backdrops.

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