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Self Guided Tours in the UK

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Are you looking for full flexibility, but want to avoid the stress of planning your day-to-day activities and booking places to stay? Leave the details to us on a self-guided tour of England.

Our self-guided walking, cycling and multi-activity trips are designed to highlight the best of the English countryside. Explore quaint villages, impressive coastline, wild valleys and moody moorland. With our expert recommendations, enjoy England’s most stunning scenery, delicious local cuisine and amazing wildlife. After a day of exploring, tuck into your hearty English supper and relax in handpicked accommodation.

With a combination of flexibility to travel your own way as well as leaving the planning, research and reservations up to us, let us show you the way to some of England’s most beautiful corners, meeting up with friendly local characters along the way.

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Self Guided Travel Tips

What to Wear in England Read More

England like the rest of the United Kingdom has unpredictable weather. English summers can often be hot for short periods of a time interspaced with cooler days. A single afternoon can bring you blazing sunshine as well as cooling rain so you are best of being prepared for both. Especially when you’re doing outdoor activities you’ll be most comfortable with plenty of layers at the ready so you can add and take-away as necessary. If walking, we recommend sturdy footwear and quality socks for your feet. For your body and whatever the activity, you will want a moisture-wicking base layer and insulating layers to go on top, as well as waterproof outer shells, essential for the upper body and optional for the lower body.

Read our blog on what to wear outdoors in England.

What is the Weather like in England? Read More

It’s not surprising that English people spend so much time talking about the weather, it gives us lots to discuss! The weather in England is anything but predictable. However, with a bit of preparation, you’ll be fine for any eventuality whether it be rain, wind or glorious sunshine. England is reliably drier, sunnier and warmer than its neighbouring countries, but it rain is possible at any time of the year. Do take heart in that the rain never lasts long, and that it’s responsible for making the countryside so green and lush.

Come prepared with plenty of layers, a raincoat as well as suntan lotion and sunglasses!

Check out our page on England’s climate, weather and seasons for more information.

Travelling to England Read More

See below for our guide on various travel links within the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand:

Travel to England

Can I Travel Solo on a Self Guided Trip? Read More

While solo travellers are very welcome on our small group trips, the minimum number for our self-guided and self-drive trips, is 2 people for reasons of safety.

Read more FAQs on both guided and self-guided trips.

Fitness Levels Read More

All of our trips are graded so you can choose the right trip for your level of fitness and ambition. In terms of fitness level, green trips are the easiest, while blue trips offer an intermediate challenge and red graded activities are the most challenging. Click the link below to view our guides and videos on grading for each activity holiday that we offer.

Our Trip Grading Explained

On our group tours, your guide will always try a set a pace which is relative to the grade of the itinerary and the pace of the group. When it comes to most self-guided and self-drive trips, you are free to travel at your own pace – whether this means challenging yourself by climbing some of England’s iconic hills, taking things at a relaxing pace, or anything in between. Of course, distance and elevation also must be taken into account.

What Kind of Accommodation Can I Expect? Read More

The accommodation you will experience on a Wilderness England holiday varies from trip to trip. Typically we use high 3*-4* small hotels, country inns and guest houses which are locally owned and personally known to us. We spend many weeks each year working with our preferred accommodation partners to ensure you enjoy the best possible stay. On many of our trips, and if you are travelling on a customised basis with us, there is the option to upgrade your accommodation and experience some of the best hotels in the country from 5* country houses to historic castles or spa retreats. Our team are always happy to discuss options at the time of booking.

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Excellent trip that took us to the best national parks of Scotland and England with fantastic scenery and places to stay and eat.

Carine Romaska
Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
Reviewed on 12/07/2019

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