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Wildlife Adventures in England

Connect with England’s flora and fauna like never before on our wildlife adventures. There is a wealth of wildlife to discover, from grey seals to red squirrels. With your expert guide to lead the way, and the country’s stunning landscapes as a backdrop, you’ll feel truly immersed in nature.

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Our wildlife adventures in England offer unforgettable experiences. Led by an expert guide, these adventures help you experience England’s wildlife in its natural habitat. Get close to the action – witness grey seals basking in the sun and colourful puffins nesting on craggy sea cliffs. From playful otters to majestic red deer, England’s stunning landscapes are the perfect backdrop for our wildlife trips.

Imagine standing on a windswept cliff, watching as a pod of dolphins play in the water below. Or hiking through a forest, listening to the call of birds in the trees above. The expert guides who lead our wildlife trips in England are passionate about their work. They have a wealth of knowledge to share as you safely experience the delights of the natural world around you.

We base our wildlife adventures from comfortable and welcoming accommodations so you can relax in the evenings, review your photos from the day, and look forward to the next day. Let us take care of the details so you can fully immerse yourself in your wildlife adventures.

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Every client receives a feedback survey when they return from their guided, self guided or tailor made holiday with us. Once completed the review is published on our website just as soon as our database updates. The little touches and details are important to us and where issues are raised we make positive changes to our trips to improve your experience.

That’s why we read each of our client’s reviews and although we don’t respond to all of them, if it’s glowing feedback then we get the satisfaction of helping to make your holidays truly memorable.


sally mercer

Wildlife – Wild Isles

Age: 70 - 80
Country: England
Trip Date: 15/06/2024
Trips Taken: 1

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Have already recommeded it to friends. In summary it felt as if I was away for longer than 7 days- always a sign of a good holiday- and still visually there!

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