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Tours July 2024

July is often the warmest month of the summer in England and the long days are perfect for exploring.

Visit England in July. July is often the warmest month of summer in England. The average temperature is highs of 21°C/70°F and lows of 12°C/54°F. This month also enjoys an average of 196 hours of sunshine. This combines to bring the country to life and offer endless hours to explore. Check out our English Climate page for more information.

July also brings summer holidays, as schools break for the season and visitors from England and beyond get out to enjoy the weather. As with most midsummer travel, expect crowds and queues across the country, but England keeps a few cards up her sleeve so you can enjoy hidden gems amongst the crush. Keep refuelled on a mouthwatering seasonal selection of beetroot, blueberries and cherries.

Why not join one of our guided walking trips to discover the very best of England’s hikes and hidden gems? Have a look at our tours below to visit England in July.

Visit England in July

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