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Why You Should Visit England in July

By Alex Boag-Wyllie, Marketing Assistant
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Enjoy the Height of Summer Fun

In July, the lush green English countryside basks in the warmth of summer. The middle of summer is an idyllic time to experience the beauty and vibrancy of England. Here, balmy days showcase fragrant blooms and bright blue skies.

Although July is a popular time for holidays in England, the country’s expansive vistas and rolling landscapes conceal a wealth of hidden gems and quiet spots. These moments of calm amidst the natural wonders of the season balance with the lively buzz in cities and towns as the month celebrates the season. Look out for cricket matches on quaint village greens and local music festivals in manicured parks as you also experience one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, iconic boat races, and much more.

With its diverse landscapes and an array of exciting activities, England beckons with the splendour of summer. Read on to discover why you should visit England in July.

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Summer Weather

Image looking across Ullswater and the jetty on a bright July day.

July envelops England in a hazy warmth, making it an ideal time to explore its picturesque landscapes. With average temperatures across the country ranging from lows of 12°C/ 54°F up to 21°C/70°F, July marks the peak of summer.

The weather in England in July offers delightful conditions for outdoor pursuits. With approximately 196 hours of sunshine, there is plenty of time each day to explore. Make the most of the long days and warm weather, and head out into the ten diverse national parks across England. Alternatively, visit one of the many historic castles and grand stately homes that cover the rolling green countryside.

The National Parks Await

A man and a woman cycle through the woods near Norwich

July and August are peak tourist season in England, and schools break up for their summer holidays in late July. Don’t let this put you off – England retains her space to find those quiet corners and hidden gems.

Part of an island nation, England boasts thousands of miles of charming coastline. From the rugged cliffs of Cornwall to the sandy beaches of Norfolk, coastal retreats offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat.

Alternatively, make the most of the long days and head out into the hills (armed with plenty of water, of course) to discover the countryside from above. Some of our favourite destinations include the west of the Lake District, the Northumberland National Park, and The Broads.

Your July Event Calendar

Rowers carrying their racing shell at the Henley Royal Regatta

Credit: VisitBritain

Immerse yourself in a calendar bursting with events and traditions through this summer month.

The Henley Royal Regatta takes place on the River Thames each summer. Now spanning almost a week, the event began in 1839. An event of elegance and excitement, this prestigious spectacle is a worthy day out for those visiting London.

London is July also hosts The Championships, Wimbledon. Arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, the tournament began in 1877, making it the oldest Grand Slam too. Sit up on The Hill to soak up the atmosphere, or enjoy the games from several big screens set up around the city.

Other events around the country include the colourful Portsmouth International Kite Festival, jousting at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, and many more.

Look Out For...

Punnets of blueberries and raspberries at a market stall.

July heralds the arrival of an abundance of seasonal produce. During the summer, farmers’ markets and roadside stalls overflowing with freshly harvested delights. Indulge in the earthy flavours of new potatoes, the juicy sweetness of blueberries, and the crisp freshness of salad greens. Take advantage of the opportunity to savour vibrant runner beans. This summer vegetable graces dinner tables across the country, adding a summer flair.

As you explore the lush landscapes of England in July, keep an eye out for the rich diversity of birdlife that thrives during the summer months. Spot the elegant spoonbill wading in coastal marshes, catch a glimpse of the vibrant kingfisher darting along riverbanks, or listen for the distinctive call of the raven echoing through ancient woodlands.

Discover England in July

With nature’s larder bursting with juicy delights and a plethora of activities to enjoy, England in July promises an unforgettable experience for visitors basking in the beauty and charm of the season.

Meet the Author: Alex Boag-Wyllie

Born in the Scottish Highlands, I was lucky enough to spend my early childhood playing on beautiful, sweeping beaches and learning to ski (or, more often, fall over). My father’s job kept us on the move though, and I was soon just as at home amidst the rolling Wiltshire downs, the dramatic Yorkshire Dales and the expansive East Anglian coast. I’ve had almost 40 bedrooms to date across the UK, so I’m your gal if you need a good cafe recommendation (almost) anywhere in the country; if I haven’t been there yet, you can be sure it’s on my trip list…

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