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Why You Should Visit England in October

Author: Alex Boag-Wyllie, Marketing Executive
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Nature Painted Red, Orange & Gold

Whether you stay in the country or head into the city, England thoroughly embraces the spirit of October. From ghost stories told around crackling hearths to steaming bowls of seasonal food, autumn is the perfect opportunity to feed the stomach and soul.

Blending vibrant natural beauty with rich cultural traditions, England in October promises to be an unforgettable experience. As summer’s last bright blooms gracefully fade, autumn’s embrace descends. In October, England transforms into a bewitching realm. The weather remains relatively mild, with a satisfying nip in the air. This makes England in October the perfect time to explore. As glittering night stretches out, the countryside wraps itself in a fiery shawl of seasonal colours.


Mystical Mornings & Magical Moonlight

The Average Temperature of England in October

October is an excellent time to visit England, as the country enjoys the fiery show of autumn without being too cold. The average high temperature in England is 14°C/57°F, almost a full degree Celsius warmer than the average maximum in April. On the other end of the thermometer, low temperatures average 7°C/45°F across the country. This temperature is warmer than the average minimum in sunny May.

Daylight Hours of England in October

Temperatures during October in England are perfect for wrapping up in a warm layer or two. As one of the wettest months, one of those layers should be a waterproof jacket. Shorter days add to the cosy feeling. On the dark side of the autumn equinox, day length in London decreases from 11 hours 38 minutes to 9 hours 44 minutes. Further north, almost bordering Scotland, daylight hours shorten to 9 hours 25 minutes by the end of the month. Sunshine hours for the month exceed 100, a length not seen again until March. Don’t let these shorter days put you off; there is plenty to enjoy during October in England.

Whimsical Wildlife

As autumn bursts bright, the English countryside comes alive with seasonal wildlife. October is an ideal time to spot wild boar, badgers, and other wildlife, as they gather supplies for the cold weather ahead.

Head out on an early morning walk to glimpse majestic red deer locking horns or foxes playing in dewy fields. Find a cosy spot for an evening picnic to watch for bats, perfect for Halloween. Listen for an owl’s haunting call or the rustle of leaves as a hedgehog scurries by.

The changing season brings new opportunities to witness the country’s natural beauty. What will you spot in England in October?

Autumnal Festivities

As days shorten and the cosy nip of autumn hangs in the air, plenty of things are happening in England during October to experience.

Nottingham Goose Fair

Not far from the centre of England, early October welcomes the Nottingham Goose Fair. Visit Nottinghamshire’s website states that this is “one of the largest travelling fun fairs in Europe, and Nottingham city’s biggest event in its annual events calendar”. Lasting for over a week and offering hundreds of attractions, the fair promises a fun-filled evening. Nottingham is famous for its Robin Hood connections; discover more about this legendary outlaw while you’re here for the fair.

Cheltenham Literature Festival

Further south, on the western edge of the golden Cotswolds, lies Cheltenham, a former spa town. Cheltenham hosts the world’s first literature festival in mid-October. Cheltenham Literature Festival celebrates the written and spoken word over more than a week of events. Find out more here.

Falmouth Oyster Festival

Head further south to windswept Cornwall for the Falmouth Oyster Festival. Celebrating the start of the oyster dredging season, this festival showcases the mighty oyster. The Port of Truro Oyster Fishery prohibits those fishing for oysters from using engine-powered vessels. Such traditions shine through across this festival. Tucked onto the south coast of Cornwall, sailing remains the beating heart of Falmouth.

Discover Cornwall by sea on an unforgettable trip aboard Eda Frandsen, departing from Falmouth.

Discover Cornwall by Sea


As the month draws to a close, savour the warmth of tearooms and pubs to indulge in steaming mugs of stew and tea. The 31st of October also marks Halloween. Talk around fireplaces turn to ghost stories, adding an enchanting element to everyday life. Slow down and enjoy the tradition of carving pumpkins, or pick up a sticky-sweet toffee apple for your adventures. From bone-chilling haunted houses to quaint maize mazes, there are plenty of activities to enjoy across the country. As evening draws in, the joyful sound of laughter fills the air as children head out trick-or-treating.

Cosy Moments

A Woodland Walk

As a vibrant burst of reds, golds, and purples paint autumn across the countryside, head into the woods for a seasonal walk. The New Forest National Park is lovely to explore on foot in October. Known for its moody heathland, native ponies, and woodlands, the New Forest is a beautiful destination year-round. Yet the jewel tones of autumn transform the national park into a seasonal wonderland.

Equally transformed are arboretums across England. Offering the chance to encounter an exciting variety of trees up close, autumn shines bright across arboretums. One of our favourites is Westonbirt, the National Arboretum, boasting around 2,500 tree species.

Seasonal Snacks

Back indoors, look out for seasonal treats to eat and drink. As apple season draws to a close – find out more about this celebration in September here – toffee apples and spiced apple pies scent the air.

For a hearty meal, cooler weather and earthy seasonal produce combine. Look on the menu for warming bowls of mouthwatering stews and piping hot pastry parcels. End the day with a cheese board of local dairy delights – quince is in season in England in October, offering the perfect condiment.

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Born in the Scottish Highlands, I was lucky enough to spend my early childhood playing on beautiful, sweeping beaches and learning to ski (or, more often, fall over). My father’s job kept us on the move though, and I was soon just as at home amidst the rolling Wiltshire downs, the dramatic Yorkshire Dales and the expansive East Anglian coast. I’ve had almost 40 bedrooms to date across the UK, so I’m your gal if you need a good cafe recommendation (almost) anywhere in the country; if I haven’t been there yet, you can be sure it’s on my trip list…

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