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Why You Should Visit England in May

Author: Alex Boag-Wyllie, Marketing Executive
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Mild Weather, Meadows, and Morris Dancers

England in May heralds warm weather and a plethora of activities to create an enchanting experience for any visitor. While June ushers in the ‘tourist season’, May retains its place as a charming shoulder season with the freshness of spring in the air. And as the seasons transition into summer, England’s charm comes alive with vibrant floral hues. May is an ideal time to explore and discover England.

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English Weather in May

Image of two hikers walking along a track through lush green fields. In the background, the edge of the cliffs and the sea are visible.

The final month of spring before summer begins, the weather in England in May offers the best of both worlds. Look forward to long, warm days for exploring. At the same time, a cool breeze and the occasional rain shower make for the perfect temperature.

The Temperature in England in May

According to the Met Office Climate Averages from the last twenty years, England enjoys a maximum temperature of just over 16°C. The equivalent of around 61°F, this average is a fraction cooler than the summer heat of June through September.

The minimum temperature is almost 7°C/44.5F°F, only cooler than June to October.

Is May a Rainy Month in England?

The country is known for wet weather, but this is not a rainy month in England. May enjoys the most sunshine hours of any month. May also sees the second lowest rainfall at 57mm, offering a delightful climate for outdoor exploration.

What Happens in England in May?

May is the final month of spring in England, bridging the gap between nature’s awakening and the long, hazy days of summer. Enjoy a calendar generously filled with a diverse range of events and activities.

Portrait of an older white male looking past the camera. He is dressed in traditional Morris Dancer costume.

May Day

May Day dates back to at least the Roman period (ended 400s AD), but you can find this ancient celebration across Europe. Held on the first Monday in May, this annual event sits approximately halfway between the spring and summer equinoxes. In England, the festival is a quintessential experience full of the joy of maypoles, Morris dancers, and the crowning of a May Queen.

England’s National Sport

Another classically English thing to do in May is watch a game of cricket. Across the country, cricket season begins in April. Pick up a local packed lunch and head to a local club or national stadium to enjoy England’s national sport.

Explore the North York Moors National Park

If you prefer to do sport rather than watch it, grab your hiking boots and head outside for WalkFest. An annual festival, the event encourages visitors to explore the beauty of the North York Moors National Park. There is something for everyone, from treasure hunts to geocaching trails and heritage walks to moorland hikes.

Other Things to Do in England in May

For more unique things to do in England in May, engage in events such as the Lincoln Grand Prix, Tetbury Woolsack Race, and the East Lancashire Railway 1940s weekend. The Tetbury Woolsack Race is possibly rooted in the history of young wool workers showcasing their strength. The festival is a unique experience that connects to the wool industry, offering a fascinating link to English heritage. Find out more about the history of British textiles here.

Nature Awakens from Winter’s Slumber

Image looking through dense green leaf to a nightingale in full song.


The arrival of nightingales in southern England marks a significant moment, their songs creating an auditory masterpiece. Nightingales are not the sole performers in this seasonal soundscape. Blackcaps, skylarks, and yellowhammers join the chorus, each adding their unique melody.

Image of bright white cow parsley in the sun.

In the Hedgerow

The delicate blossoming of cow parsley greets visitors on a countryside walk. These elegant white flowers adorn shady habitats such as hedgerows, adding a touch of lace to the landscape. The air carries a subtle, sweet fragrance as nature offers a fragrant bouquet.

Pond Life

As you stroll along the bank of peaceful ponds, look below the surface for the lively presence of tadpoles. These small, wiggling aquatic creatures signify new life, showcasing the intricate ecosystems that flourish at this time of year.

May in England is a time of renewal and abundance, an invitation to immerse yourself in nature’s wonder. May is a magical time to explore the countryside and experience the rich tapestry of England’s wildlife.

May Mother's Day

Image of a lavender bed bursting with purple at the Chelsea Flower Show.

While the US celebrates Mother’s Day in May, the UK observes it in March. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying England in May with your children, making memories as a family to last a lifetime. Together, savour the pleasant weather and a quaint English landscape adorned with wildflowers and soft bluebells.

Explore the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in late May for extra floral fantasies, where spring is in full bloom and the best of flowers take centre stage.

Visit England in May With Us

Meet the Author: Alex Boag-Wyllie

Born in the Scottish Highlands, I was lucky enough to spend my early childhood playing on beautiful, sweeping beaches and learning to ski (or, more often, fall over). My father’s job kept us on the move though, and I was soon just as at home amidst the rolling Wiltshire downs, the dramatic Yorkshire Dales and the expansive East Anglian coast. I’ve had almost 40 bedrooms to date across the UK, so I’m your gal if you need a good cafe recommendation (almost) anywhere in the country; if I haven’t been there yet, you can be sure it’s on my trip list…

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