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Chris Page

Chris Page

Adventure Consultant

Mindful | Methodical | Positive

Mini Bio

I am a keen nature enthusiast and particularly enjoy the feeling of freedom and reconnection that I experience when out and about in the hills. I enjoy hiking, trail running and mountain biking but as well as these active pursuits I thoroughly enjoy relaxing by a campfire, sharing stories and embracing the simplicity that an outdoor lifestyle has to offer.

Favourite Place to Play

Originally hailing from the town of Northallerton in North Yorkshire, I spent my childhood years with the Yorkshire Dales National Park on my doorstep. Home to thousands of square miles of rolling hills, valleys and quintessentially English villages it has since become one of my favourite places to explore whenever I head south of the border.

Not a lot of People Know This

I’ve been on the fastest zip line in the world, located in Wales. I would definitely recommend it.


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