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Tours April 2024

As the country wakes up from a crisp winter chill, spring brings new life and splashes of fresh colour to England.

Visit England in April. Spring begins in the northern hemisphere in March, and the season has undeniably started by the following month. Lambs skip across the fields, fuzzy ducklings waddle along the river bank, and a calendar full of spring festivities begins. Look out for a seasonal bouquet across the country, from diminutive bluebells to the dancing heads of daffodils.

April is England’s driest month of the year, with an average of 56mm of rainfall. Easter in England marks the beginning of ‘the season’, when heritage properties and other attractions reopen after the winter. Yet April remains a shoulder season, allowing you to enjoy many must-see spots without the summer crowds. Check out our English Climate page to find out more.

Head out into nature to see the season as its best. Upon your return to your accommodation in the evening, look forward to hearty English cuisine, full of seasonal asparagus, kale and rhubarb. As you wander past many an English pub, look out for lamb and fresh cod with minty vegetables, while the smell of hot cross buns in the air will be hard to resist.

Have a look through our trips below to visit England in April.

Visit England in April

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