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Tours June 2024

The English countryside is at its best in June; an explosion of greenery and bustling with wildlife.

Visit England in June. The first month of summer showcases the country at its best. There is an explosion of colour in the hedgerows and bustling activity as wildlife makes the most of nature’s larder, overflowing with delicious treats. With juicy strawberries, new potatoes, and plump peas in season, look forward to hazy summer picnics of your own while out adventuring.

The northern hemisphere’s longest day is the 21st of June, giving plenty of daylight hours to explore England and bask in the great outdoors. Additionally, with an average high temperature of 19°C/66°F and lows of just 10°C/50°F, the weather is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and watersports. Check out our English Climate page for more information.

June in England also brings a calendar full of events, spectacularly showcasing English culture. Look out for iconic events like Royal Ascot, find yourself in the Lake District at Keswick Mountain Festival, and experience the water in style at Gloucester Tall Ships, to name just a few.

Visit England in June on one of our trips. Browse through the list below, or head to our blog to discover why you should visit England in June.

Visit England in June

Wilderness England Departure DatesAvailabilityStatusPriceBook
Wilderness Walking – The Coast of Cornwall

1st Jun - 7th Jun 2024

4 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,595Book Now
Wilderness Walking – Hadrian’s Wall Path

2nd Jun - 10th Jun 2024

7 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,595Book Now
E-bike – The Cotswolds

8th Jun - 14th Jun 2024

9 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,895Book Now
Self Guided – The Cotswold Way

11th Jun - 20th Jun 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 990Trip Full
Self Guided – The Cotswold Way

14th Jun - 22nd Jun 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 1,036Trip Full
Wildlife – Wild Isles

15th Jun - 21st Jun 2024

3 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,395Book Now
Wilderness Walking – The Cotswolds

15th Jun - 21st Jun 2024

2 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,595Book Now
Road Cycling – Coast to Coast

16th Jun - 23rd Jun 2024

6 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,975Book Now
Wilderness Walking – Northumberland and the Lake District

22nd Jun - 28th Jun 2024

6 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,295Book Now
Wilderness Walking – National Parks of England and Wales

25th Jun - 4th Jul 2024

5 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,895Book Now
Self Guided – Hadrian’s Wall Path

29th Jun - 6th Jul 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 985Trip Full

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