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Tours September 2024

This is a captivating time of year as the colours around you start to change and wildlife prepares for winter.

Visit England in September. The first month of autumn holds onto summer’s mild weather, yet a seasonal shift is clear as nature dances across the countryside with a golden paintbrush. Expect crisp leaves crunching underfoot and mugfuls of warming hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire. Balance this with the last of the summer celebrations in the mild weather.

Blackberries, damsons and red cabbage are all in season in September. They herald the arrival of autumn with their rich jewel hues. Temperatures remain within 10°C/50°F and 18°C/64°F on average – the perfect conditions to get out and explore. Check out our English Climate page for more information.

September is also a shoulder season, and many of the country’s must-see sights will be quiet enough to enjoy almost to yourself. At this time of year, increased availability means you’ll have your pick of preferred accommodation and rooms.

Visit England in September on one of our trips. Have a browse through the list below to find your perfect adventure.

Visit England in September

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