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Tours August 2024

Visit England in August. Summer continues to warm the country as a gentle shift in the countryside’s colour reminds you of the changing seasons. Temperatures remain comfortable, ranging from an average of 12°C/54°F to 21°C/70°F. Check out our English Climate page for more information.

Look out for gentle rain refreshing the parched ground and releasing delicious fragrance into the air. With their nests tucked into the eaves and nooks of buildings, house martins flit overhead with their young while purple carpets of heather cover the countryside.

A calendar of events, including a celebration of all things Yorkshire on the 1st of August, offers plenty to keep you busy. Seasonal Bramley apples, Williams pears and plums bring the iconic English dessert, the crumble, onto every menu. This is a treat for the senses best enjoyed with lashings of thick Devonshire custard in a cosy pub after a busy day adventuring.

Have a look through our trips below to visit England in April.

Visit England in August

Wilderness England Departure DatesAvailabilityStatusPriceBook
Self Guided – The Cotswold Way

1st Aug - 10th Aug 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 1,045Trip Full
Wilderness Walking – National Parks of the UK

11th Aug - 20th Aug 2024

Trip FullFULLY BOOKED 3,295Trip Full
Wilderness Walking – Hadrian’s Wall Path

11th Aug - 19th Aug 2024

Trip FullFULLY BOOKED 2,495Trip Full
Wilderness Walking – New Forest and South Downs

17th Aug - 23rd Aug 2024

Trip FullFULLY BOOKED 2,545Trip Full
Deluxe Walking – Highlights of Wales

17th Aug - 23rd Aug 2024

3 place(s) leftGuaranteed 2,395Book Now
Self Guided – Hadrian’s Wall Path

18th Aug - 25th Aug 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 985Trip Full
Wilderness Walking – Northumberland and the Lake District

24th Aug - 30th Aug 2024

Trip FullFULLY BOOKED 2,295Trip Full
Wilderness Walking – England Coast to Coast

25th Aug - 6th Sep 2024

2 place(s) leftGuaranteed 4,495Book Now
Self Guided – Hadrian’s Wall Path

28th Aug - 5th Sep 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 1,075Trip Full
Self Guided – Hadrian’s Wall Path

28th Aug - 6th Sep 2024

Trip FullGuaranteed 1,125Trip Full

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