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Sailing Holidays in England

From the bow of a boat, explore the stunning coastline of southern England on one of our incredible sailing trips. On a 75-year-old, 60ft traditional gaff cutter, discover secluded beaches, remote islands and pretty fishing villages. Crewed by a small friendly team, enjoy the engaging nature of life on board, experiencing the joy of an immersive and distinctly memorable holiday.

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Embark on a Sailing Adventure

Beneath billowing sails, where the water shifts from bright turquoise to deep inky blue, visit the crowning jewels of the English coast. Explore uninhabited islands and seabird-speckled cliffs by day, and sleep in stunning, peaceful anchorages by night on this voyage. There is perhaps no better way to enjoy the evocative sea-soaked beauty of England than from the deck of a beautifully restored, traditional sailing yacht.

Due to the nature of our sailing holidays in England, the outline itineraries are flexible, allowing us to make the most of the weather and the wind. During your adventure, you may choose to become fully involved with life on board and or simply take the opportunity to relax.

We also arrange private charters, allowing you to craft the perfect English voyage. Due to demand, these trips must be arranged 12 – 18 months in advance. Visit our custom page for more details here.

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