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Tours May 2024

Straddling spring and summer, May in England offers the best of both seasons.

Visit England in May to witness the beauty and warmth of the early summer season while enjoying the last of the quieter shoulder season of spring before the crowds emerge. Experience the best of England, from manor houses to mountain trails, with plenty of peace and space to yourself. Look for seasonal produce such as raspberries, asparagus, and rocket (arugula), and enjoy landscapes of lush green splashed with pretty floral bouquets.

May is also a great time of year for spotting wildlife, such as hazel dormice and young calves. International Dawn Chorus Day is the first of the month, bringing with it the joyful chatter of British birdlife. Listen out for robins and song thrushes while swallows dart about bright blue skies overhead.

On average, May in England enjoys the fewest days of rainfall of the year, and temperatures sit between 16°C/61°F and 7°C/45°F. Check out our English Climate page for more information.

The first Monday of May also brings the ancient festival of Beltane, now better recognised as May Day. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in English culture.

Below, have a look at our tours to visit England in May.

Visit England in May

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