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Ed Corke

Adventure Coordinator

Determined | Passionate | Motivated

Mini Bio

I grew up heavily involved in scouting and came to immensely love the outdoors through camping, hiking, climbing, bushcraft and lots of fire building. University then brought me to Lancaster, situated between The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and The Forest of Bowland. I fell in love with road cycling after I was dared to cycle to a group holiday rather than drive. I’m very glad I took up the challenge and have done it each year since.

Favourite Place to Play

Crummock Water and Buttermere in the heart if the Lake District! An ideal playground for ticking off some Wainwrights, rollercoaster roads for cycling, beach BBQs and crystal-clear water for swimming. During the week I often head out to the rolling hills of The Forest of Bowland.

Not a Lot of People Know This

As part of my Computer Science Masters, I developed a wearable electronic tag for cows that determined their wellbeing.

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