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Keith Miller

Keith Miller

Committed | Enthusiastic | Friendly

Mini Bio

I’m an enthusiastic hill-walker, mountaineer and naturalist, first introduced to the hills at age 5 by my father and to the wonders of nature by my mother even earlier!

After a career in mountain environment conservation, latterly as Senior Conservationist for the John Muir Trust, I now have a few jobs, including as Wilderness England guide! In winter I undertake work as an Avalanche Forecaster for the SportScotland Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) and guide winter hill walking skills courses. During the rest of the year, I guide walking holidays in the UK, as well as some abroad. I also run mountain environment courses and carry out upland plant surveys.

In my view, one of the great things about being in hill, mountain, coastal and other wild environments is experiencing their tremendous and ever-changing variety: scenery, habitats, wildlife, weather – even the people!

Favourite Place to Play

The Cairngorms. Such a diversity of landscapes, coires & crags, habitats, wildlife and weather. Alternatively the Peak District is a close second.

Not a lot of People Know This

My first car was a bit of a Minx!!

Specialist Subject Read More

Upland ecology, wildlife, and plants.

What Fellow Travellers Say About Keith

Keith was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and good company. He managed to flex the itinerary to accommodate the different needs of the group and alternative boat trip.

Jan Brause
Wildlife Adventures - Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
Reviewed on 22/05/2024

Keith Miller was excellent, enthusiastic and pleasant. He looked after us the whole time, sharing his interests, experiences and knowledge with us.

Margaret Kirk
Wildlife Adventures - Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
Reviewed on 21/05/2024

One of the reasons I keep coming back for more WS trips is the quality of the guides. I use the very unscientific criteria of whether or not I would ike to be enjoying a pint with the guide at the pub and Keith is definitely someone who I'd be happy to chat away with of an evening. Very knowledgeabe about wildlife and had eagle eyes for spotting different birds way before the group saw them.

Edmund Murray
Wildlife Adventures - Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
Reviewed on 20/05/2024

Keith really was a superstar in both his knowledge and enthusiasm, he went out of his way to look after us all and was so thoughtful in providing such a beautiful birthday cake on the ferry to Islay
So impressed he managed to get that in his back pack !!

We had a great trip

joyce northcote
Wildlife Adventures - Autumn Wildlife Islay
Reviewed on 21/10/2023

Keith was so knowledgeable & helpful, he made the trip really enjoyable despite the weather!

Margaret Bone
Wildlife Adventures - Autumn Wildlife Islay
Reviewed on 13/10/2023

Keith took a lot of trouble to plan the days’ walks and suit the preferences of all of the group. We also learned plenty about geology, land management and biodiversity, and it made me aware of how much of my geography degree I’ve forgotten…….

Hilary Jordan
Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Cairngorms National Park
Reviewed on 08/07/2023

Great knowledge of the area, the animals and trees and flowers. Great group leader trying to make everyone feel comfortable.

Adolfo Huelmo
Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Cairngorms National Park
Reviewed on 04/07/2023

Keith did a great job explaining in detail the botany and wildlife and ecology of the areas that we walked in. He also planned our routes to take advantage of the great weather and give us a range of terrain to experience 9and some extra Munro tops!). It was great to have Struan with us too, as he made a couple of routes possible for us by running or cycling ahead to fetch the van, so we didn't have to do the last hard miles on tarmac. It was nice to see Keith and Struan being inventive like this to make the trip better for everyone, and it was really appreciated.

Leonie Dorkins
Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Cairngorms National Park
Reviewed on 29/06/2023

Dedicated to the task and brought us to the best of what Shetland has to offer. Keith spent much additional time answering incidental queries that we were asking. His knowledge is encyclopedic. He took the whole event up a gear and made it much more enjoyable and valuable.

Richard Hooper
Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
Reviewed on 31/05/2023

Keith was a brilliant leader, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I am not a great bird watcher but he was always able to answer my questions about what I was seeing. He made a special effort to get us to Sumburgh for our early morning departure flight. He adjusted the plan for the week to cope with the weather conditions and the differing needs and abilities of the group.

Peter Graham
Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
Reviewed on 29/05/2023

Keith is very knowledgeable about birding and the environment. I appreciated the way he offered itinerary changes, due to weather, etc.

Eileen Sanborn
Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
Reviewed on 26/05/2023

Keith Miller was exceptional . His knowledge of birds and fauna was fabulous and he shared it with the group that made us more knowledgeable by the end of the holiday .We really appreciated the time he took to show us birds and tell us bits of information on their habits etc . He really showed his love of nature He kept us on track but at all times discussed possible options . Keeping a group of holidaymakers together and happy is a hard task but Keith did it with apparent ease He's an absolute asset to your company

Diane White
Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
Reviewed on 25/05/2023

Keith was amazing. He understands the need to keep the group together and balance pace with abilities. I appreciated his gracious style and knowledge he shared.

I don't know how you can manage when you have clearly identified the physical expectations of the hikes. It was frustrating at points to have to slow down and compromise for hikes due to some team members lack of preparedness. Keith managed this process with great professionalism... and I tried to not be too much of a poopy pants about it.

Lisa Paulo
Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
Reviewed on 28/06/2018

Keith was phenomenal when it came to the environment. He was very knowledgeable regarding the geology, flora and fauna and he was an attentive and experienced hiking guide. Even though this is a "outdoor sport" tour, I would have enjoyed a bit more insight on the culture/history of the places we visited, but I don't think that's Keith's area. We had the good fortune to have Rupert from the corporate office join our tour. He was very personable and kind and a great complement to Keith.

Christine Jackson
Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
Reviewed on 25/06/2018

Keith was an excellent guide with a warm personality

Daniel Popesco
Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
Reviewed on 22/06/2018

Keith Miller was the ultimate guide. His thorough knowledge of the flora, fauna, terrain, history, and land management issues of each place we visited is truly outstanding. We hike independently in the U.S. and take many self-guided trips abroad; but this trip would have been very difficult and much less enjoyable without a guide of his caliber. This trip is an outstanding value. For those of us used to hiking in national parks in the U.S., the British trail systems appear very difficult to navigate with so many private property access restrictions and the general absence of signs. Mr. Miller was always well prepared with weather forecasts, multiple maps, and an unerring sense of where to go and what we might experience. He was also very flexible and tailored the itinerary to the weather and our interests -- immediately identifying birds by their song and plants by both their Latin and English names en route. He even provided us a complete list of these at the end of the trip. Outstanding is the only word to describe his knowledge, experience and expertise as a guide!

Sandy Davis
Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
Reviewed on 28/05/2018

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