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Ray Allwood

Calm | Adventurous | Dependable

Mini Bio

I’m a keen hiker, cyclist, climber, mountaineer and skier, not necessarily in that order.

My interest in the outdoors started in 1989 when as a BT apprentice I was sent on an outward bounds course. We spent a week walking, climbing and camping in Purbeck, Dorset. This led me to join a Mountaineering club and a joy of climbing and hiking started, ultimately leading to my qualifications as an Outdoor Professional.

Places to play

I’m happy anywhere outside. I love lots of different areas of the UK and I’ve still got lots more to discover.

Not a lot of People know this

My wife thinks I have Scandinavian heritage as I have a fondness for pickled fish for breakfast and the Norwegian delicacy Brunost.

Qualifications Read More
  • UIMLA International Mountain Leader
  • Summer Mountain Leader
  • Outdoor First Aid
Experience Read More

I have been an active hiker, climber and mountaineer for 25 years. I have a passion for the Nordic countries and have led multi-day hiking trips in Norway, Sweden and Iceland. I’ve also guided hikes in many areas of the UK.

Biggest Adventure Read More

A hiking trip to Iceland, lots of late lying snow made for interesting progress. The scenery was stunning, and we didn’t see any other people for days.

Specialist Subject Read More

Telecommunications engineering but luckily for you I also have a deep interest in nature and history.

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