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Scott McCabe

Scott McCabe

Eat | Ride | Climb

Mini Bio

I have been bike mad for about 10 years now, mainly road cycling but over the last few years, I have also embraced the chunkier tyres and baggier clothes for plenty of fun mountain biking action. I enjoy cycling all over the UK and also travel to Europe to seek out the smoother tarmac and sunny climbs when I can. I have a passion for all things outdoor and adventure. When I’m not out my bike, I’ll be out climbing or in the hills.

I have studied Physiology and Sports Science at University, worked as a landscape gardener, trained as a chef, travelled around on my bike and become a qualified Mountain Leader and Mountain Bike Guide. Instructing, guiding and introducing people to the outdoors in the UK is now proudly what I can say I do for a living.

Favourite Place to Play

Everywhere and anywhere that there are rolling roads or scenic single-tracks for the bikes or mountains and crags to walk and climb.

Not a lot of People Know This

I used to be a keen rugby player and played at a fairly high level until I realised getting broken a few times a week wasn’t the best idea

Qualifications Read More
  • Mountain Leader
  • Mountain Bike Leader
  • SPA
Experience Read More

I am incredibly fortunate to have experienced many wild and wonderful places across the UK and overseas: from mountain biking through the incredible pine forests of the Cairngorms to rock climbing in the Alps to riding some of the most famed road bike climbs in Europe, and a whole lot more in between.  I have worked with children and young people in educational programmes in the outdoors. I have guided and lead trips and expeditions to many amazing spots throughout the the UK and it is here where I continue to spend most of my time. It is a part of the world that holds so much charm, intrigue and almost endless possibilities.

Biggest Adventure Read More

Hard to pick what I would call my biggest adventure. Certainly, the longest one I’ve undertaken was a bike packing trip around Spain. Cycling almost every day and carrying everything you need in a small bag or 2.

Specialist Subject Read More

Food. I love eating (and cooking) as much as I love the adventures. The local produce available in the UK is superb, sampling local delicacies is an important part in getting to really experience the culture of anywhere you visit.

What Fellow Travellers Say About Scott

Scott was excellent. Exceptional empathy, getting all the currents and non-said and making the best of it. He made sure everyone of us would get what they were looking for in all the important and nice-to-have aspects of the trip.

Anne-Laure Courbes
Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
Reviewed on 27/07/2023

Well done Scotty & Andy you managed all issues extremely well and kept the bonhomie with & within the total group going beautifully.

Charles Hall
Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
Reviewed on 11/07/2023

Scott is a wonderful guide! He managed to be accommodating and organized, inquisitive and knowledgeable, and flexible and purposeful - all at the same time. And with a great sense of humor to boot! He was a great guide.

Aimee Margolis
Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
Reviewed on 08/07/2023

Thank the guides for staying with me in hard climbs, but also chasing down those zippy e-bikers when they went astray.

Terra Levin
Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
Reviewed on 02/07/2023

Both Scot and Andy did a wonderful jog. Both really knowledgeable and helpful.

Jennifer Hall
Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
Reviewed on 28/06/2023

Scott Mccabe guided us through the 7 days Glencoe Highlands. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. He was attentive, kind , warm , putting everyone at ease. Itineraries were executed seamlessly. From daily walks and through mealtime conversations, Scott made everything comfortable and fun. We truly loved our trip !

Bharathi Vengadasalam
Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
Reviewed on 28/06/2023

Both guides Scot and Andy were excellent. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were cheerful at all times.

Ian Noble
Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
Reviewed on 28/06/2023

We had a fantastic pair of guides, Scott and Ben. They were a great team, had great senses of humour coupled with knowledge and interest in the areas we travelled through while additionally catering for us throughout our days of cycling.

Anne Cooke
23WSPD Private Departure
Reviewed on 20/05/2023

Scott and Ben were so supportive and friendly- Nothing was ever too much bother and their instincts about when we would need a coffee stop were spot on !! The bikes were immaculate always and Bens ability to play music with my bike brakes was impressive (my own bike's brake which got wet on a ferry crossing!).
The encouragement on our rainy day on Harris was especially needed. It is just great knowing they are there!

Doreen Cantrell
23WSPD Private Departure
Reviewed on 15/05/2023

Scott and Will were outstanding guides. They extremely attentive to all of our needs no matter what and were extraordinarily friendly throughout the trip. They were very well organized and worked very hard to make our tour experience a high quality, memorable event.

Bob McGennis
Road Cycling - Tour of the Borders
Reviewed on 04/10/2022

I cannot speak too highly of our guides who, as mentioned previously, went the extra mile literally and metaphorically to support our group of 7, most of whom were unfamiliar with British roads.
They were always there to negotiate crossing of major (fast) routes and/or potentially confusing road junctions as well as providing frequent welcome 'tea breaks'.
This support provided a sensation of security and of not being 'left out of sight' if separated from the pack for any reason.

Mike Rothwell
Road Cycling - Tour of the Borders
Reviewed on 03/10/2022

Scott and Will were beyond helpful and approached perfection. Those in our party who have been on many bike trips said they were the best they ever had. They really took great care of us.

James Trapp
Road Cycling - Tour of the Borders
Reviewed on 03/10/2022

Very friendly, knowledgable and helpful.

Jeffrey Drobil
Road Cycling - Tour of the Borders
Reviewed on 03/10/2022


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