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Dawn Rainbolt

Dawn Rainbolt

Marketing & PR Manager

Adventurous | Bookish | Creative

Mini Bio

American by birth but European in spirit, I’ve called the US, Costa Rica, Spain, England, Poland, France and Ireland home. In the past decade, I’ve explored some 35 countries, falling in love with the vast array of landscapes, history, culture and architecture across Europe. After spending a few years abroad, I obtained a Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing in Lyon, France (after learning French, of course!). I’ve been part of the Wilderness team as Ireland’s Marketing Executive since 2017. As a content editor, I contribute articles across Wilderness England, Ireland and Scotland.

Favourite Place to Play

I spent some time as a student in Bath, and it was here that I fell in love with travelling in Europe – Bath remains one of my favourite spots in England and Europe. Otherwise, I became enchanted by the beautiful moors and quaint stone villages of Yorkshire ever since reading Wuthering Heights as a girl, and each visit reminds me why I love the region. Speaking of which, now I’m off to dive back into Bronte’s classic for a re-read…

Not a lot of People Know This

I always travel everywhere – from the shop to the pub, hiking up the hill or a on trip abroad – with a book in my bag. I have to leave extra space in my suitcase when packing because I always come home from my holidays with more books than I left with. I do love a good used bookshop!


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