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Jade Lawson

Jade Lawson

Senior Custom Trip Designer

Creative | Exuberant | Loyal

Mini Bio

I grew up on the cusp of the Yorkshire Moors, with the encouragement to explore from my mother. She used to competitively race on the tracks and fly solo from the moortops. It was inevitable that I would find a passion in the outdoors and all our wonderful island has to offer. After a decade of working as a Mountain Leader and in trip creation worldwide, I followed my heart back to the UK and my home county of Yorkshire.

Favourite Place to Play

The UK has an abundance of beautiful walks and ascents, and I am always drawn to the ancient woodlands. Whether it be Rydal and Grasmere (Lake District), Kielder Forest (Northumberland) or Hackfall (Yorkshire), there is a serene beauty in the sounds, sights and age-old wisdom found amongst the trees.

Not a lot of People Know This

I undertook the study of Blacksmithing whilst living in New Zealand. A requisite in the final exam was using a vintage foot treadle forge to create a length of chain using only traditional fire welding methods.


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