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Lizzie Zawinski

Lizzie Zawinski

Custom Trip Designer

Full-Of-Wonder | Enthusiastic | Optimistic

Mini Bio

I was born just south of Edinburgh but always said that I wanted to live in the mountains and spent endless time in a tent exploring the remote corners of the UK on foot. After my first week working on a temporary contract in Aviemore I knew I was home and have never looked back.

Always motivated by fun and fascinated by the ever changing natural beauty. Wild places are never the same twice, whether that is due to the weather or the company, there is always something new to inspire you.

Favourite Place to Play

I have great memories of exploring the Lake District for the first time and amusing people by delighting in finding such great mountains in the south, while all the other walkers felt that they were in the far north! I love the way that all the local cafe and pub are set up for tired muddy walkers there, they always greet you with a smile and a huge slices of cake.

Not a lot of People Know This

I have the ability to sweet-talk pretty much anybody up and over a huge A-Frame, even if they are absolutely terrified of heights. I just love seeing people light up when they conquer something, so I have almost as much fun marshalling races as I do running them :)


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