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Lydia Richards

Lydia Richards

Adventure Consultant

Creative | Active | Communicative

Mini Bio

Growing up in rural Herefordshire, wandering through the Wye Valley and cider orchards filled my childhood. I moved to the city to study children’s book illustration with a focus on the natural world. My training led me back to the countryside. I am most happy drawing by a lake on a summer’s day.

Favourite Place to Play

After recently moving ‘up north’ near the Lake District, I love exploring what the area offers. For those with a passion for kayaking and hiking, there are endless trails and lakes to explore.

Further afield, I love to spend time in the Swiss Alps. No matter the season, there are always stunning views.

Not a lot of People Know This

I have taught brick and tile making, and charcoal burning, all over Europe. If it involves a fire, count me in.


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