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Meike van Krimpen

Meike van Krimpen

Marketing & Paid Media Manager

Conscientious | Peckish | Outgoing

Mini Bio

Having grown up travelling across the world, I’ve developed an addiction to all things spice and to travel! When it was time to go to university I wandered off to the UK for a new adventure, and now 10+ years later I’ve not managed to leave yet. Moving to the UK has made me develop a passion for the outdoors, and I love heading out to explore, even if it’s just a lunchtime walk in the woods.

I’m one of the lucky few who have managed to make their passion a career, and I’m proud to be promoting the UK as an adventure tourism destination and contributing to making outdoor tourism both responsible and sustainable.

Favourite Place to Play

One of my first holidays to the UK was a caravanning tour of England, travelling from the south-east to the midlands via Cambridge, with a jaunt into the Peak District and Wales, and back down again via the Cotswolds and Bath. This was when I fell in love with the area and knew I wanted to move abroad to the UK later in life. Since then, I’ve explored the northern reaches of England, being especially partial to the Lake District. It’s the place I’m the keenest to do some more exploring in!

Not a lot of People Know This

I featured in a Sri Lankan TV commercial for the Internet as a Dutch farm girl when I was seven; clogs, pigtails and all.


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