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Craig Tweedie

Craig Tweedie

Calm | Easy going | Big hair

Mini Bio

The outdoors are a powerful and magical place. I spend the majority of my time sharing these amazing places with all sorts of people, in all sorts of places, on lots of different adventures.

Favourite Place to Play

It’s all good – there’s no such thing as bad weather in the UK, just the wrong jacket! Anywhere where the mountains meet the sea is a special place.

Every day, every group and every journey is always different. When I’m not being paid to go out and play, I enjoy riding my bike up the biggest hill I can find for free!

Not a lot of People Know This

What Fellow Travellers Say About Craig

Craig and Janek were great. They made me feel really comfortable about where I was and what I was doing. I never worried that I would not have the assistance I would need and set up everything in a way that required me not to have to ask for help with the exception of getting the kayaks up and down on shore. Those were tough because of the landscape but also to be expected. Craig and Janek got along well with each other and with us which made it feel like a week with family.

Jessica Gallo
Sea Kayaking - The Outer Hebrides
Reviewed on 15/05/2024

We were very well looked after by Craig and Janek. I felt that we were in good hands on the water - Craig planned the days paddling to ensure the winds and tides were favourable and every day was different.
The days were well planned and we were kept informed as to what was happening and any changes due to the weather communicated.
we seemed to have a good vibe in the group and had a good time.

Bill Inness
Sea Kayaking - The Outer Hebrides
Reviewed on 14/05/2024

Craig and “Yornek” were both fantastic! and worked well together.

Elizabeth Grant
Sea Kayaking - The Outer Hebrides
Reviewed on 13/05/2024

See earlier comment about our guide Craig

Ann Almgren
23WSPD Private Departure
Reviewed on 10/10/2023

Both guides were great leaders and organizers, but were also able to feel just like a part of our small family team during the trip.

Jessica Ferguson
23WSPD Private Departure
Reviewed on 02/08/2023

Craig and Tom were excellent guides. They were helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable, organized and great company. They were amazing with our children as well as with the adults. They were focused on making our trip great with all details. They even adjusted the plan and added a downhill to accommodate my son's love of downhill. Our whole group felt lucky to have had them as our guides.

Lynna Scranton
23WSPD Private Departure
Reviewed on 31/07/2023

As I noted previously, our guides absolutely made this trip. Craig Tweedie is simply full of energy and kept us engaged throughout the trip. He thought of everything, and customized every day so that we maximized our time. David Soden was a great partner with Craig. He was safe, incredibly funny, and engaged with our 20-something boys on all sorts of Scottish, and non-Scottish, lore. We would highly recommend both of these guides. They know the terrain, understand what people can and cannot accomplish on the bike, and truly listened to what we wanted to get out of this experience.

Peter Allen
23WSPD Private Departure
Reviewed on 28/06/2023


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