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Gareth Crapper

Approachable | Practical | Reliable

Mini Bio

During a career in the chemical industry, I always had ‘the outdoors’ as a place to get away to. Originally this was via hillwalking until I was introduced to climbing. This change led to trips to Scotland, the Alps, and the Himalayas.

A new job in south England cut this short, so I got on my bike and explored the Chiltern Hills. Back north now, I’ll ride anywhere on anything. Recently, I have been lucky enough to work as a bike guide in England and Scotland.

My favourite rides are at a social pace, off the beaten track, and with a hidden gem café in my sights. Failing that, an al fresco bacon butty, and posh coffee when the mini stove comes out of the backpack, is the perfect addition to a ride.

Favourite Place to Play

Living in the North Pennines, between the Durham Coalfield and the High Pennines, gives easy access to Weardale and Teesdale. Should I fancy a longer day out, the Yorkshire Dales are a stone’s throw away.

The North Pennines is great cycling country – big rolling hills cut by large rivers, with moorland as far as the eye can see.

Not a Lot of People Know This

Having an “interesting” surname, I do come from a long line of plumbers. However, I haven’t (yet) been able to connect the family tree to the famous Thomas Crapper of Victorian toilet fame!

Qualifications Read More
  • MTB Leader Level 2
  • Outdoor Emergency First Aid
  • EduCare – Child Protection Awareness in Sport and Active Leisure
  • Safeguarding Awareness Course
  • Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering
  • PhD in Polymer Science
Experience Read More
  • Guiding a range of trips in Scotland and England
  • Hiking since the 1980s
  • Climbing (rock and winter) since the mid-‘90s
  • Cycling (road, MTB, gravel…) since I was a kid, but ‘properly’ since 2010
Biggest Adventure Read More

A winter climb of the north face of Mulhacén in the (Spanish) Sierra Nevada.

The hire car had an anti-syphon feature, so we had no fuel for our stove. Hiking up in the dark, we thought we’d need to bivvie in a snowdrift in ruins, but we eventually found the mountain hut. The climbing was AMAZING!

Specialist Subject Read More

I am a bit of a generalist and interested in many things. However, if you want to narrow it down to one subject, it is polymers – ask me about that carbon fibre composite your bike is made of…

Publications Read More
  • Author of ‘Adventure Biking in Northern England: 30 Road Cycling Routes’
  • Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference, Elsevier (2012), Volume 10: Polymers for a Sustainable Environment and Green Energy, 10.29 – Powder Coatings

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