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Hugh Evans

Hugh Evans

Passionate | Outdoor | Enthusiast

Mini Bio

Most of my working life has been spent working for a multi-national local authority, and Chamber of Commerce. My last full time job was as Chief Executive of a Business Improvement District (BID). In 2019, I took early retirement because I wanted to devote my life to doing what I love best – spending more time in the outdoors.

What makes it all worthwhile? A simple thank you from guests at the end of the day (particularly if you helped them do something that they couldn’t have done on their own or have carefully taken them out of their comfort zone) is as rewarding as it gets.

Back in the outdoors, I was a Mountain Rescue volunteer until a move from North Lancashire took me and the family to Southport (not many mountains here!). I’ve been a Search and Rescue volunteer with HM Coastguard in Southport since 2016. Last year, I was presented with a Queen’s Jubilee medal for service to the Coastguard.

Fitness-wise, I’ve run marathons and numerous shorter races to a reasonable standard, completed a number of long distance treks and cycle tours, and participated in many one-day endurance walks.

Favourite Place to Play

I’m lucky enough to have lived in and travelled both through and to many great places. However, if there’s one particular place, it has to be Knoydart for its remote splendour and the location of my first-ever Munro, Ladhar Bheinn.

The ruggedness and wildness of the Rhinogydd in Eryri (Snowdonia) come a close second.

Not a lot of People Know This

I’ve been a keen outdoor enthusiast and traveller all my life. I was brought up in Zanzibar (learning to speak fluent Swahili before I could speak English) and East Africa, and that gave me my love of overseas travel and outdoor adventures.

Qualifications Read More

I’m a qualified Mountain Leader and Duke of Edinburgh award assessor.

Experience Read More

I started taking guests on their outdoor journeys in the UK and across Europe in 2009, somehow fitting all that in with my full-time job. One of my roles now is to train and assess future leaders.

Biggest Adventure Read More

There have been too many adventures to name, but trips to Peru, SE Asia, Africa, and the Middle East all stand out in the memory. Closer to home, my first visit to Knoydart (with many visits since) also stands out. I’m as happy on a mountaintop as I am on the valley floor.

Specialist Subject Read More

I’m a volunteer speaker for the Woodland Trust (one of my great passions is trees and ancient woodland), and I use that knowledge when talking to guests and guiding them on walks.


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