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Lorna Colvin-MacLean

Innovative | Discerning | Considerate

Mini Bio

After many years in commerce and education, I have finally landed my dream job as a professionally trained and qualified tourist guide for the UK.

Born and raised in Glasgow, I have travelled far and wide around the globe and back again for work and leisure, but the UK is truly my home and heartland.

My family history is deeply rooted in the Highlands, so I know from experience how amazing it is to explore ancestral places and learn their history and secrets. I understand why the UK is a dream destination and a homecoming journey.

Place to Play

The UK is steeped in history and tradition with dramatic scenery and seascapes. It is also buzzing with vibrant urban spaces and cosmopolitan cities. I could make a very long list of fabulous locations and things to do – but what’s most important are your interests and priorities.

Not a lot of people know this

Not once but twice, I have cycled from northwest France over the Pyrenees to Bilbao in Spain – on a 1960s tandem with a trailer!

Qualifications Read More
  • BA Honours in Marketing – University of Strathclyde.
  • Financial Planning Certificate – The Chartered Insurance Institute.
  • Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice – The Chartered Institute of Bankers.
  • Certificate in English Language Teaching – University of Cambridge (ESOL).
  • MA Honours in Arabic – University of Edinburgh.
  • Blue Badge Tourist Guide – Scottish Tourist Guide Association.
Experience Read More

With extensive experience in customer-facing roles, I understand the importance of excellent communication and customer service. Before qualifying as a professional Tourist Guide, I designed and managed a series of educational tours for an International School in Edinburgh. The tour was a once-in-a-lifetime holiday from Cairo to Jerusalem based on a family photograph album from 1944, and a bespoke tour of antique and flea markets in Belgium and France.

Now, I thoroughly enjoy researching tour itineraries and travelling to both new and familiar places. It is a privilege to welcome and guide new and returning visitors to our shores.

Biggest Adventure Read More
  • Living in Cairo and visiting Persepolis and Isfahan.
  • Trekking in Nepal.
Specialist Subject Read More

Scottish History, Heritage and Culture. I also have a keen interest in the Development of Renewable Energy.

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