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Simon Harry

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Mini Bio

I make a yearly pilgrimage to France to catch at least a few stages of le tour, and have actually managed to get my wife interested. I’m a qualified British cycling coach, mountain bike guide and currently help wee ones get into the racing scene through skills tuition and coaching.

With my other hat on I work in the environmental education field helping deliver outdoor learning for organisations such as the forestry commission. Having taken a 2 year ‘Lets go to the other side of the world’ sabbatical with my wife to be, I headed to New Zealand to live out of a van to get to know the country – the results of which was that on my return I needed to live in a place that had mountains, open roads and a slower pace of life – The UK it was.

Not a lot of people know this

I was in 2 episodes of Dr Who and 1 bond film, I have also fought the boxer Joe Bugner (it’s on film!).

Adventurer's Stories about Simon

Is there something better than excellent? I have run out of words for telling Simon and Will how good they are as guides. I hope they know how much our group truly appreciates them and all their hard work. They are the benchmark that all professional guides should aspire to. It was their first time on this itinerary and we honestly couldn't even tell. Not even 60mph, falling trees and a bonafide hurricaine threw them - they just quietly made a plan B and it was amazing. They are delightful, thoughtful, intelligent gentlemen and we would be so lucky to travel with them again.

Karen Dean
Road Cycling - The Five Countries
Reviewed on 08/10/2018

Simon and Will are simply the best guides we have ever experienced and we have cycled all over the world.

Guy Dean
Road Cycling - The Five Countries
Reviewed on 07/10/2018

Will and Simon are very special to our group. They are part of it, not just our guides but also our friends. Only warm thoughts, big smiles and huge thanks from me.

Donna Mosford
Road Cycling - The Five Countries
Reviewed on 05/10/2018

Simon and Will could not have done more for us- they thought of everything. When they found out about our Dublin room days later, they were horrified that we hadn't said anything.

They not only looked after us, they gave us confidence that we could achieve the demands of the trip, and were good company throughout.

Kerry Davey
Road Cycling - The Five Countries
Reviewed on 03/10/2018

I have never been on a tour with two better guides than Will and Simon. Their thoughtfulness, tirelessness and attention to detail is extraordinary.

Joan Dean
Road Cycling - The Five Countries
Reviewed on 24/09/2018

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