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Simon Harry

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I make a yearly pilgrimage to France to catch at least a few stages of le tour, and have actually managed to get my wife interested. I’m a qualified British cycling coach, mountain bike guide and currently help wee ones get into the racing scene through skills tuition and coaching.

With my other hat on I work in the environmental education field helping deliver outdoor learning for organisations such as the forestry commission. Having taken a 2 year ‘Lets go to the other side of the world’ sabbatical with my wife to be, I headed to New Zealand to live out of a van to get to know the country – the results of which was that on my return I needed to live in a place that had mountains, open roads and a slower pace of life – The UK it was.

Not a lot of people know this

I was in 2 episodes of Dr Who and 1 bond film, I have also fought the boxer Joe Bugner (it’s on film!).

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