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Tim Willis

Tim Willis

Fun | Enthusiastic | Chocoholic

Mini Bio

Having travelled and enjoyed adventures in much of the world, for me, there is nowhere more beautiful, dramatic and captivating than my home in Scotland. Travel has made me realise just how lucky I am to live in a country with so much history, tradition, scenic beauty and incredible accessibility.

It is a total pleasure and a great privilege to host and guide visitors to the UK each year. My job is to help them connect with all the wonders we have here so that they may return home as ambassadors for this wonderful country I am lucky enough to call my home.

Favourite Place to Play

Sea Kayaking in and around the Sound of Arisaig. Spectacular views of the Small Isles, world-class paddling, heaps of history, long sandy beaches, turquoise water, fabulous sunsets…

Not a lot of People Know This

My record for eating weetabix is 16 in one breakfast.

Qualifications Read More
  • Summer Mountain Leader
  • Mountain Bike Leader
  • Sea Kayaking – 3 star, Canoeing
  • 3 star and Scuba Diving Rescue Diver
Experience Read More

I split my year between guiding groups in incredible overseas destinations like Nepal, Costa Rica etc, and also at home in my favourite place on the planet – Great Britain! Since a very young age, I have enjoyed exploring the far-flung corners of the world learning to be resourceful, adaptable, to plan ahead and above all, to have a happy and positive outlook on life – a good sense of humour will get you through most things! I am equally happy wild camping in remote areas of Scotland and with running high-end luxury trips staying in some of the finest hotels, houses and castles this country has to offer. I thoroughly enjoy bringing to life the fascinating history we have here in the UK and pointing out the wide variety of flora and fauna we have.

Biggest Adventure Read More

Okay, this is a really tricky one for me as there are so many adventures to choose from. Perhaps trekking the 21 day Annapurna Circuit in Nepal when I was in my early 20’s, probably the greatest trekking route in the world; or maybe reaching 6,400m / 21,000ft on a mountain in Nepal a decade later. Then again ski touring inside the Arctic Circle in Norway was a lot of fun (until the Icelandic volcano erupted), or the week-long ski mountaineering expedition in the Italian Alps which was pretty amazing too. But then again, how can I not put in the 4-day dog sled trip I did when I was 18, in temperatures of minus 30C, in northern Canada; or the 6-day long whitewater rafting expedition in Nepal taking in grade 4 & 5 rapids. Then there’s the walking safaris in Africa and sleeping in a tree above a watering hole with dozens of elephants underneath, or canoeing down the Zambezi and sleeping on an island with elephants. Most recently I reached a depth of 20m / 65ft whilst free diving, which was a great personal adventure and achievement for me. But probably the 10-day sea kayaking expedition in Greenland that Wilderness Scotland were kind enough to send me on many years ago, would be my biggest and most favourite adventure.

Specialist Subject Read More

Gin & Chocolate mainly – but I also enjoy history and the wild plants.

What Fellow Travellers Say About Tim

Tim is an amazing guide ! He is the number one reason this trip will be unforgettable. He goes above and beyond. Thank you Tim !

Annelies Verreth
Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
Reviewed on 18/11/2023

Tim Willis was fantastic! Not only was he well prepared for our walks, but he has a great sense of humor and we enjoyed talking with him. He made sure that he spoke individually with each one of us at some point on our trip. We especially liked how he made sure that we all understood what we would do in case of an emergency. He always explained where we were going and even marked our walks on my map! We would enthusiastically go on another walking adventure with him someday.

Meredith Lepper
Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
Reviewed on 17/11/2023

See previous comments at the beginnig

Heather Dewar
Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
Reviewed on 18/10/2023

Personable, flexible, knowledgeable, and caring guide. Tim has a great wit and had us all relaxed and laughing all week.

Jeannie Sperry
Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
Reviewed on 09/10/2023

Tim was a pleasure to be with- he helped make the group even more friendly!

Geraldine Budd
Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
Reviewed on 07/10/2023

Tim Willis, went the extra (mile - 2kms even) to ensure the group was well taken care of. We always knew what to expect including the daily changes to the hiking schedule due to the inclement weather. He has an easy-going manner and dealt with any issues in the group with the utmost professionalism.

Bruce Budd
Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
Reviewed on 07/10/2023

Tim is a guide of the very, very highest caliber. His leadership skills are extraordinary. His warmth, kindness, sense of humor, and sensitivity never wavered. His enthusiasm for each of the activities was genuine and infectious, and he struck the right note of providing information and giving us space to discover and enjoy. He is an excellent communicator; we had all the information we needed to enjoy each day. I lead a team in my work, and the experience of Tim’s leadership inspires me to continue to bring the best that I have and the best that I can be to my team. That is what he does. I hope to have the privilege of traveling with him again.

Penelope Whitman
Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
Reviewed on 03/10/2023

We wish there were a category higher than "excellent" for our guide, Tim. He knew a great deal about the areas we trekked, and happily shared whatever was of interest to us. He was very attentive to our abilities, and adjusted each trek so we were always comfortable. Tim's personality was that of a perfect guide: engaging, funny, and attentive.

Joan Bieler
Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
Reviewed on 29/07/2023

The guides exceeded our expectations at every turn! They were fun and knowledgeable beyond our expectations.

Michelle Nash
Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
Reviewed on 13/07/2023

Tim and Dave were the BEST!
When issues arose they handled things quickly and always had a backup plan or solution. Very knowledgeable with great tips and always upbeat and positive

George Nash
Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
Reviewed on 10/07/2023

Tim and Dave were a great pair! Both were totally committed to making sure we had a fun and safe experience. They both always went the extra mile. Tim enthusiastically carried guests' bags up flights of stairs after a long day's walk. Dave's good hearted humor and blister care clinics kept us all feeling great even on tough days. I hope that I have the pleasure of traveling with this dream team again.

Ryan Ross
Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
Reviewed on 06/07/2023

It is difficult to convey just how extraordinary our guide, Tim, was on our trip. His knowledge of the area was amazing, his ability to modify plans seamlessly on the fly and as needed, and his unwaveringly kind and patient nature make him a truly phenomenal guide in every respect. He is a genuinely outstanding person and an exemplary member of your WS team.

Laina Fearn
Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
Reviewed on 05/07/2023

Tim was professional, efficient and very caring. Nothing was too much trouble always making sure we were ok. He really made the trip and gave me confidence when I was walking. He was knowledgeable and very experienced. Just a super leader.

Rosalind Boadle
Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
Reviewed on 08/05/2023

Our guide Tim was patient, very encouraging, fantastic sense of humour and ensured all of our safety was paramount. Nothing was a problem. It was such a pleasure to be guided by him.

Lucille Yabsley
Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
Reviewed on 27/04/2023

Tim was the perfect guide, always making sure everyone was happy and comfortable with what we were doing. We were updated daily on the day's itinerary and discussed why any changes had been made.. He always made sure the walks were within everyone's capability,and was aware when help might be needed for more difficult parts of the walks. In addition his wealth of experience and information enhanced my experience of visiting Skye.

Jean Coomber
Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
Reviewed on 25/04/2023

Tim went over and above the call of duty to give the group the best possible experience. All routes and daily itineraries were planned meticulously and Tim engaged with all members of the group to ensure that we felt comfortable and safe at all times. He was a true professional and well appreciated by the entire group for his great spirit and vast knowledge of our environments. Thank you!

Dorothy Kim Vella
Winter - The Orkney Isles
Reviewed on 12/04/2023

Tim was considerate of everyone in the group and gave the same attention to all. His pleasant temperament was constant - we enjoyed fun and laughter The days were well planned and info for the day given in advance. Managed time very well with no sense of rush, with pleasant coffee and picnic stops. The walk routes were great, no they were fantastic - we had great weather all of the days :)

Catherine Coyle
Winter - The Orkney Isles
Reviewed on 10/04/2023

Tim is an outstanding guide and human being. Truly.

Marianne Ferrato
Winter - The Orkney Isles
Reviewed on 08/04/2023

If I could rate Tim higher I would, he was the perfect guide, he was informative, funny and managed to keep the group on schedule without making anyone feel rushed. I don’t envy his job, he was masterful in dealing with different personalities, nationalities and physical abilities!! Just amazing he was!

John Hillyer
Winter - The Orkney Isles
Reviewed on 07/04/2023

Tim was the absolute best. Kind, funny, knowledgable. He kept our group on time and made the travel fun, too. Expert guide for the hike made it great. We did not have to wonder if we were lost at any time.

Lynne Swadel
Winter - The Orkney Isles
Reviewed on 07/04/2023


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