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Zoe Kerslake

Zoe Kerslake

Playful | Curious | Traveller

Mini Bio

I like to joke that I’m a professional adventurer in training; I live in the heart of the Lake District, studying for a degree in Outdoor Adventure & Environmental Studies. My travels have taken me across the world, where I had the privilege of living within different cultures and experiencing the kindness of this planet.

I love people, and I love the outdoors, so guiding came quite naturally. In my free time, I go ghyll scrambling, wild swimming and camping. I run the Mountaineering Society at my university, and I’m training for my Mountain Leader qualification, so you’ll catch me out with my map a lot!

Favourite Place to Play

As a born and bred Cornish maid, nothing beats Cornwall’s sandy shores and rocky cliffs. With a flask in hand, I like to search for hidden coves for the perfect tranquil spot. This quest might be what ignited my explorer spirit.

Not a lot of People Know This

On my travels, I became obsessed with collecting matchboxes from the streets of India. This soon progressed to any ‘interesting’ or ‘aesthetic’ debris I found – my journals are full of quirky advertisements in Hindi, Chinese cigarette boxes and unexplained family photographs.

Biggest Adventure Read More

I am an avid hitchhiker; my longest journey was 15,000km from Myanmar to Denmark, shortly before the Covid lockdown. I’ve been dreaming of another long distance trip ever since – if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!


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