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Alex Boag-Wyllie

Alex Boag-Wyllie

Marketing Assistant

Cheerful | Colourful | Creative

Mini Bio

Born in the Scottish Highlands, I was lucky enough to spend my early childhood playing on beautiful, sweeping beaches and learning to ski (or, more often, fall over). My father’s job kept us on the move through, and I was soon just as at home amidst the rolling Wiltshire downs, the dramatic Yorkshire Dales and the expansive East Anglian coast. I’ve had almost 40 bedrooms to date across the UK, so I’m your gal if you need a good cafe recommendation (almost) anywhere in the country; if I haven’t been there yet, you can be sure it’s on my trip list…

My own travels have taken me across the globe, but I am glad to be back home in the Highlands; getting to write about lovely England really is the cherry on top.

Favourite Place to Play

It would be too difficult to pick just one place, but I love getting out for a long walk through the English countryside; the views, the history… and the promise of a pub nearby.

Not a lot of People Know This

I canoed the breathtaking Caledonian Canal for my Gold DofE expedition. The group that went the year before us had a lovely tailwind, so tied their canoes together, put a sail up, and enjoyed the ride. We weren’t quite so lucky and had a strong headwind, a cracked canoe, and all developed a fear of oat biscuits I haven’t recovered from to this day.


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