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Why You Should Visit England in June

Author: Alex Boag-Wyllie, Marketing Executive
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Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

With its picturesque countryside, historic cities, and vibrant culture, England is a destination you can enjoy all year round. However, if you’re seeking the perfect balance of pleasant weather, unique events, and the lush beauty of nature, June stands out as an ideal month to explore England. Read on to discover why you should visit England in June.

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English Weather in June

While there is always a chance of rain, June is one of the driest months in England. The average rainfall in England in June is only 65 mm, with less than 1o days of rain.


Comfortable temperatures mark June in England. The maximum temperature typically hovers around 19°C/66°F, making it a delightful time to explore without the discomfort of excessive heat. These temperatures are only exceeded in July and August. On the other hand, the minimum temperature is just under 10°C/50°F, making it an ideal time to visit. Additionally, June has an average of almost 190 hours of sunshine, providing ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

With the lowest average rainfall, long sunshine hours, and highest average temperatures of anywhere in the UK, June is a great month to visit England.

Is June a Good Month to Go to England?

While June is a popular time for tourists, it is still a good month to visit England. However, there are a few events to be aware of if you plan to visit England in June.

The month begins with the June half-term holidays in England, which extend from late May to early June. Additionally, Scottish schools begin their summer break in late June or early July.

Additionally, mid-June marks the beginning of the high tourist season. This is especially true in popular destinations like London. While you should expect crowds, London’s many attractions help distribute visitors, and queues are rarely long. The same is true on a smaller scale across England. Be sure to book your adventures in advance where possible to ensure a smooth visit that beats the queues.

Although June is the beginning of the busiest season in England, there are plenty of places to avoid the crowds wherever you are. Head into the countryside to enjoy your pocket of peace, or embrace the buzz at one of the many events in England in June.

Things to Do in England in June

Look no further if you’re wondering what to do and where to go in England in June. There is no shortage of things to do as summer bursts bright and warm over the country.

Trooping the Colour

Early June brings Trooping the Colour to central London. A grand spectacle dating back to the 17th century, this patriotic event celebrates the King’s official birthday. Expect an incredible display of British military pageantry paired with a lively atmosphere. While tickets can be challenging to obtain, there is plenty of space along the route to enjoy this event for free along the barriers.

Royal Ascot

Keeping to the theme of traditional English events, Royal Ascot takes place in mid-June every year. A prestigious horse racing event, Royal Ascot promises members of the royal family and high society at their most elegant. From the polished morning dress of the Royal Enclosure to the iconic display of ladies’ hats, Royal Ascot promises a feast for the senses.

Music Festivals

June sees the music festival circuit enter full swing in England. Glastonbury Festival, one of the most iconic music festivals in the world, takes place over five days in late June. Other big music festivals include the Isle of Wight Festival. Held annually, the festival brings this popular holiday destination off England’s south coast to life with music. As you explore the country, embrace the atmosphere of the numerous other, smaller festivals which dance across the English countryside.

Pride Month

June in England also marks Pride Month. Look beyond the sea of rainbow flags adorning shop fronts to find celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community. While many events across the country exude joy, they also carry a more profound history. These parades also serve as a platform to highlight the work that still needs to be done and the awareness that still needs to be raised. With a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, join the festivities and show your support. Find out more about Pride in London here.

No matter what you are looking for, the warmth of summer brings a bright array of things to do in England in June.

Summer Senses

England in June offers a tempting array of fresh produce at its finest while wildlife sings from blooming hedgerows.

Indulge in freshly picked baby carrots, gooseberries, and cress. These locally-grown delights are at their peak in June, thanks to the summer sunshine. Perfect for a seasonal picnic on your adventures, enjoy strawberries, courgettes, and beetroot at their best. Support the local community and buy yours from local farm shops and markets where possible.

Additionally, June is an excellent time for wildlife sightings. Witness the beauty of nature as baby birds take their first flights and rare Spotted Flycatchers settle in after arriving in late May. Along plunging coast cliffs, seabirds flock for their breeding season.

And finally, don’t miss the summer solstice. Marking the longest day of the year, this is a special day to get out and explore the ancient landscape of England. The ancient monument of Stonehenge is an awe-inspiring location to watch the sunrise. Crowds gather early to witness the spiritual moment when the stones align perfectly with the rising sun.

Visit England in June

Meet the Author: Alex Boag-Wyllie

Born in the Scottish Highlands, I was lucky enough to spend my early childhood playing on beautiful, sweeping beaches and learning to ski (or, more often, fall over). My father’s job kept us on the move though, and I was soon just as at home amidst the rolling Wiltshire downs, the dramatic Yorkshire Dales and the expansive East Anglian coast. I’ve had almost 40 bedrooms to date across the UK, so I’m your gal if you need a good cafe recommendation (almost) anywhere in the country; if I haven’t been there yet, you can be sure it’s on my trip list…

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