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Local Expert – Sheepdog Trials

By Conor McCarthy, Videographer & Content Creator
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Sheepdog Trials in England

Amidst the rolling drystone walls, tumbling waterfalls and tufty green fields of North Yorkshire, Richard Fawcett, a local farmer and sheepdog handler, has been demonstrating his working sheepdogs for over 30 years. The family farm, passed down from generation to generation since 1918, is by and large a sheep farm and the running of which would be impossible about his hard-working border collies. Richard’s demonstrations are unique in that he shows his dogs at various stages of their training, from the steady and wise, to the young and headstrong. Watching the dogs work is not only breathtakingly impressive but also offers an insight into their indispensable role in this traditional way of life.

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Meet the Author: Conor McCarthy

Originally from Ireland, I fell in love with the UK the very first time that I visited on a winter climbing trip way back in 2008. I’m excited to now be living in Scotland, and to be creating content about Scotland, England and Ireland.

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